• For tours of churches and the Vatican, knees and shoulders must be covered.  Women may want to bring a light scarf that can be tied around shoulders while wearing tank tops or sun dresses. 

  • In most major cities, you will owe city taxes of 2 to 8 euros per person/per night, paid locally at the hotel directly. 

  • Please be aware that Italy is notorious for pickpockets.  Especially if you are visiting Rome or Naples, please make sure to keep all wallets, purses and cameras secured when out and about.   In major cities, we highly recommend using a money belt tucked inside your clothes.

  • TRAIN RESERVATIONS:  It is important to note, your destination for each train is not necessarily the final destination of the train.  So, when you search for the platform number (“binario”) on the departures board at the station, you will need to look for the train number that corresponds to the ticket for each journey.  Then go to the platform that is listed for that train.  Finally, once you are on the train, make sure to watch for your stop and be ready with your bags to get off the train.  Some trains only stop briefly.  Station names are listed as the Italian name such as “Roma” rather than Rome, so make sure to read your ticket and watch for the Italian station name so you don’t miss your stop. 

  • If you are visiting Venice (Venezia), make sure that you get off at the correct train stop that matches your tickets.  There are 2 stops, Venezia S. Luci and Venezia Mestre. 

  • Consider bringing bug spray if you are visiting the Italian countryside such as Tuscany.

  • For tips on how to best use credit cards and currency in Italy, click here.